Filmotechnic Canada is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of a comprehensive line of camera support equipment. Our equipment has a proven history of use on Film Sets, in Broadcast Production and Sporting Events worldwide.

We have brought some of Filmotechnic’s most famous camera support equipment to Toronto and serve all of Canada and the Eastern United States.

This equipment includes gyro-stabilized remote systems (Flight Heads – VII, Apex, Compact and Mini), gyro stabilized camera cranes (U-CRANE, U-CRANE Arm Mini, Telescopic U-CRANE), Carbon Fiber Telescopic Cranes (F27, F21 and Scissor Crane) and the mechanical vibration dampener (Shock Absorber). Filmotechnic’s equipment holds numerous international patents and inventor’s certificates.

We now design and build our own rain deflectors called the “ZERO” and “ZERO MINI”; 2 Axis Dampers for Techno, Movie Bird and Scorpio Telescopic cranes; Tesla Chase Car; Automatic Monitor Leveling System for Crane Operators (Techno, MovieBird, Scorpio, F27, F21). Visit our manufacturing page 

Winner of two Sci-Tech Academy Awards for technical achievement:


Anatoliy Kokush, Yuriy Popovsky and Oleksiy Zolotarov for the concept and development of the U-CRANE Gyro-stabilized Camera Crane and Flight Head, 2005.


Anatoliy Kokush for the concept and development of the Cascade Series of motion picture cranes including the Traveling Cascade Crane, 2005. 

Filmotechnic Canada was founded in 2007 by Oleksiy Zolotarov and Mark Cabiddu.

Oleksiy Zolotarov

Oleksiy is an accomplished Director of Photography and Camera Operator from Kiev Ukraine. In 1986, along with Anatoliy Kokush and Yuriy Popovsky, he co-designed the U-CRANE System and has been an integral part in its success due to his life-long devotion to its constant development. He has operated the U-CRANE in almost every shooting environment and application imaginable in many countries across the globe. Oleksiy has also been instrumental in the design of the Flight Head Series, 2 Axis Damper, Remote Dolly and the ZERO RD. Oleksiy is a 2005 Sci-tech Academy Awards Winner.

Mark Cabiddu

Mark has many years experience with camera support equipment in Toronto’s Film Industry, designing his first camera car crane platform at the age of 25 in Rome, Italy. In 2006 he designed and built the ML55 Chase Car. Mark heads the Rental Department of the company.

Filmotechnic Ukraine

Filmotechnic was founded in 1990 by Sci-tech Academy Awards Winner Anatoliy Kokush in Kiev Ukraine. Anatoliy has a longstanding reputation as a pioneer in Motion Picture Camera Support Engineering Research and Development.

Filmotechnic story begins back in 1974 in the Soviet Ukraine when cinema engineer Anatoliy Kokush started his career at the design and development department of Dovzhenko Film Studio. He was able to turn his dreams into reality to become an engineer in the field of camera movement equipment. Since that time, a number of innovative specialty camera systems have been engineered and introduced to the market. In 1990, shortly before the fall of the Soviet Union, the company Filmotechnic was established. This was the birth of today’s globally operating company that offers a revolutionary approach to the methods of filming. Throughout its history Filmotechnic has been the source of ground-breaking technologies and numerous industry-firsts.