Custom Manufacturing

FCL’s Manufacturing Department:

For fifteen years we have been designing and building camera support equipment completely in-house at Filmotechnic Canada in Toronto. We specialize in creating custom solutions when available tech is not enough to execute a shot imagined by film production.

Currently we make the following equipment to order:

  • ZERO Rain Deflector
  • ZERO Mini Rain Deflector
  • Custom Trays for the F27 Telescopic Crane
  • Update older remote heads to Flight Head VII
  • Install Tilt Auto Horizon on Flight Head
  • Insurance Repair of any Filmotechnic Equipment
  • Zero Camera Covers
  • Auto-leveling Monitor-mount System (AMS)
  • 2 Axis Oil Damper for U-CRANE & telescopic camera cranes (Techno/ Moviebird/ Scorpio).

Lead times vary depending on the equipment ordered, but generally run 5-6 weeks.

FCL’s Manufacturing Department also plays several other vital roles:

  • Keeping our camera support equipment operational and safe for use
  • Upgrading older Flight Heads and U-CRANE systems with the Latest Tech
  • Repair equipment damaged on the job
  • Improve designs on our existing equipment
  • Design & build shot specific and or production specific equipment
  • Our Tesla and ML55 Chase Car’s were built in house
  • Design & build new equipment for Filmotechnic Kiev.
  • Take on outside custom projects.

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