ZERO Mini Rain Deflector (Basic Kit)


Base Kit Insludes:

  • ZERO MINI Rain Deflector
  • One 15mm Light Weight Rod Bracket
  • One 4 Pin XLR Power Cable (12V)
  • Two Spare Glass Disks (Optical Macrolon)
  • Nanuk Case

***NOTE: All Prices are listed in USD***

Optional Accessories

Wireless Remote On/Off (ZERO Mini)


For this option we install a wireless receiver into ZERO Mini which allows to start the rain deflector with a wireless remote key.


Spare Wireless Remote Key


A spare or replacement key for the ZERO or  ZERO MINI rain deflector. Applies only when ordering new rain deflector. If you need to replace a key you previously ordered then contact our tech support as the keys have to be programmed to the specific Rain Deflector.


Adapter Plate to ARRI LMB 4×5


Adapter Plate allows to use accessories from ARRI LMB 4x5 including: swing away door, filter trays, clip on stage, studio mounting bracket (15mm and 19mm)


ARRI Filter Tray Sides


These parts come directly from ARRI. You can order them through ARRI as well.


P-Tap/D-Tap Power Cable


We offer various power options for ZERO Mini. P-Tap/D-Tap power option allows to use power directly from camera, ronin or movi.


Replacement 4 Pin XLR (12V)


We offer various power options for ZERO Mini. 4 pin XLR allows to use 12v batteries


Replacement 3 Pin XLR (24V)


We offer various power options for ZERO Mini. 3 pin XLR allows to use 24v batteries


Product total

Options total

Grand total


Additional information

Weight 9.6 kg
Dimensions 51 × 21 × 41 cm