Tesla Chase Car

Filmotechnic Canada camera car is now Green. Our  Tesla Chase Car is a P90D with Ludicrous Mode. It is not only environmentally friendly but also provides and exceptionally dynamic platform to shoot with the U-CRANE or Shock Absorber.

  • 762 Horse Power or 568kW and 687 lb ft
  • Acceleration 0-100 kmh – 3.0  seconds
  • Fully Electric
  • 450 km Range
  • Fully prepped chase car with reinforced roof and bumper mounts
  • Home Base: Toronto, Ontario

NOTE: The Driver makes the call about the amount of passengers in the Tesla Chase Car based on safety

Potential Uses and Benefits

  • High Speed Track Work
  • Performance Car to Car work
  • Instant torque (able to get up to speed in a very short distance)
  • Incredibly quiet (no engine noise)
  • No Fumes or vapors (important for shooting in cold weather)
  • Because Tesla Chase Car is Zero Emissions it is:
  1. Able to shoot Interior (Studio, Arena, Stadium, etc)
  2. Able to shoot sporting events, (cycling, running,)
  3. Able to work with animals (horse racing etc.)

Mounting Options

Video System

  • 8 HD LED monitors
  • PIX 240 Playback system
  • Extra SDI outputs for the Focus Puller’s monitor

Communication System

  • HME Comm System for Driver, Crane Op, Director and DOP
  • Wireless Belt Packs with small Ear Piece for Precision Drivers of the Picture Car


  • 110 AC on board (max 20amps)
  • 12 v power XLR  for accessories
  • Special Secure Space for Camera Batteries
  • All accessory power is independent of Tesla battery pack to maximize range


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