Filmotechnic Canada is now offering a Green Chase Car. Our AWD Tesla P90D with Ludicrous Mode is not only environmentally friendly but also provides and exceptionally dynamic platform to shoot with the Russian Arm or Shock Absorber.

  • 762 Horse Power or 568kW and 687 lb ft
  • 0-100 kmh – 3.0  seconds
  • 450 km Range
  • Home Base: Toronto, Ontario

NOTE: The Driver makes the call about the amount of passengers based on safety

Potential Uses

  • High Speed Track Work
  • Performance Car to Car work
  • Because it is a Zero Emissions Chase Car it is:
  1. Able to shoot Interior (Studio, Arena, Stadium, etc)
  2. Able to shoot sporting events, (cycling, running,)
  3. Able to work with animals (horse racing etc.)

Mounting Options

  • Russian Arm System
  • Russian Arm Mini
  • Shock absorber (1 or 2 posts)
  • Decks for generators and lights
  • Bumpers and Roof Rack are made to accept standard grip pipe

Video System

  • 8 HD LED monitors
  • PIX 240 Playback system
  • Extra SDI outputs for the Focus Puller’s monitor

Communication System

  • HME Comm System for Driver, Crane Op, Director and DOP
  • Wireless Belt Packs with small Ear Piece for Precision Drivers of the Picture Car


  • 110 AC on board (max 20amps)
  • 12 v power XLR  for accessories
  • Special Secure Space for Camera Batteries
  • All accessory power is independent of Tesla battery pack to maximize range


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