Remote Controlled Dolly

Remote Controlled Dolly System with gyro stabilized Flight Head Compact is a perfect tool for a concert, award ceremony, talk show or a sporting event


  • Designed for straight track that can lay on the floor or mount to 12″ or 16″ box truss.
  • Track can be mounted to the edge of a stage.
  • Allows for rapid tracking moves with very smooth stops.
  • Joystick remote control operation of all functions (Dolly movement and Flight Head).
  • Gyro Stabilized Remote Head
  • No Cables! The system takes power from rails and can be completely wireless


  • Dolly is equipped with end positions controllers, emergency stop and mechanical stops.
  • Setup time usually requires between 3 hrs & a days prep, depending on location & configuration used.


  • Track width 0.4m or 0.62m
  • Maximum track length 100m
  • Lens height 0.5 – 1.7m
  • Max speed 10 m/sec
  • Voltage 120/ 240v
  • Weight (without Flight Head) 50 kg
  • Power to the system is supplied through the tracks
  • Completely Wireless System
  • Flight Head Compact is 3 axis Gyro Stabilized


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