ArcCam is a unique remote controlled dolly system that can be mounted either inside or outside the picture vehicle to achieve dynamic shots of the actors. The 200° reach of the arc eliminates the need to re-rig for different camera angles when shooting a dialogue scene in the car.

  • Carbon Fiber Motorized Dolly Arc (repeatable)
  • Gyro Stabilized Head Q1 (repeatable)
  • Various mounting options
  • Perfect tool for dialogues and scenes inside the car.

NOTE: Arc Cam Requires a pre-rig day with the vehicle. We also recommend either towing the picture vehicle or using a Top Rider as the drivers vision may be obscured depending on the mounting position of the Arc Cam


  • Arc Cam Speed 70° per second (Full 200° rotation in 3 seconds)
  • Range 200° Arc around the vehicle
  • The Dolly Arc moves with the dolly so that it is not visible once the camera move over to the other side
  • Flight Head Q1 Gyro Stabilized Remote Head
  • Repeatable moves (possibility to record the arc and the remote head movement)

Camera Requirements

  • Alexa Mini
  • Red Epic, Helium, Monstro
  • Prime Lenses only
  • Clip on matte box

Power Requirements

  • 36 V DC system
  • Batteries supplied by Filmotechnic Canada


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