Alta 8

Together with FlyingFishProductions we offer Drone services using the Free Fly Alta 8 system. We operate with 5 million liability and aerial equipment insurance and carry a blanket Special Fight Operations Certificate (SFOC) permit to operate in the Province of Ontario. Also, if you need a professional drone survey doing then this guy is amazing so check him out. We are capable of operations in all regions of Canada and internationally as per local laws. If you want to get a new drone, you can sell your drone online to fund your new purchase or contact us! Our team members are all Local Union IATSE 667/873 International Cinematographers Guild Members.

  • 20 lbs payload
  • Gimbal top and bottom mounting
  • Integrated to Movi gimbal series
  • 15 minute flight time

Learning how to buy a flying drone isn’t the easiest thing in the world. The variety of sizes, models, and price ranges makes it difficult to know what you are getting before you spend your money. But with a little patience and the right search with a help of , you can find the perfect drone for you. Whether you are just starting out and looking for that RC helicopter or you are an expert flyer who already has a bunch of drones for sale in his or her garage, it takes a bit of work to learn how to buy one, but with the right tools, it will be worth the effort. As you learn how to buy a flying drone, keep these tips in mind. You might be surprised at just what you can get for a decent price.

For more information on Alta 8 visit manufacturers page here

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