U-CRANE System

Filmotechnic Canada Ltd. is very proud to bring you the Sci-Tech Academy Award Winning, High Speed Gyro-stabilized Camera Support System: The U-CRANE and Flight Head VII

What is the RoboArm System?

  • The U-CRANE System is the unique combination of the gyro-stabilized Flight Head VI on the end of a gyro-stabilized remote controlled crane arm.
  • It is safely operated via joystick consoles from within the professionally built Chase Car
  • It is a high speed mobile crane arm used for capturing footage of moving vehicles, horses, scenery and actors from just about any & every angle one can imagine and in all weather conditions. Shots are setup on the fly & adjusted instantly. Sequences can be as dynamic as your imagination.
  • We now offer the latest version of the U-CRANE System with a Telescopic Capability.

Where is the U-CRANE System based?

  • From our home office in Toronto we cover all of Ontario and Manitoba.
  • From our office in Vancouver we can cover Calgary, The Prairies and the Northwest USA area.
  • From our new office in Chicago we cover the Midwest USA, Detroit & New York.
  • From our office in Montreal we cover all of Quebec and Nova Scotia
  • Russian Arm is also set up to travel to any country and to be built on a rental vehicle. We have taken our arm to Dubai, Japan, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Malaysia, Bahrain, etc.

What Can You Mount the U-CRANE To?

  • Its principle mobile base is the  professionally built chase car such as: Mercedes ML55  AMG  (Toronto), Tesla P90D (Toronto), BMW X5M(Vancouver), Toyota Tundra (Vancouver/Calgary), Porsche Cayene Hybrid S (Montreal), Ford Raptor (Montreal)
  • The RA can also be mounted to any picture vehicle that can support its 300kg weight: Boats, Trains, Trucks, Buses, Camera Cars, Picture Vehicles
  • When Travelling to places where a specialy prepped car is not available we can put the arm on a rental vehicle. Best suited vehicles are BMW X5 V8 (track work, off road), Range Rover SC (desert, street, offroad), Mercedes ML (desert, street, offroad).

Advantages of RoboArm Mounted To a Specialty Chase Car

  • With the RoboArm on the chase car you can shoot another moving vehicle from just about any & every angle.
  • Shooting can occur in any weather because technicians are shielded from the elements inside the chase car.
  • Shots are setup on the fly and can be adjusted instantly.
  • Sequences can be as dynamic as your imagination lets them.
    System Features & Specifications
  • RoboArm Standard Reach is 14 feet (from the center post)
  • All our arms carry an extension which increases the reach to 19 feet (from the center post)
  • Pan & Tilt axis are gyro-stabilized.
  • 360° panning capability around the chase car or picture vehicle.
  • Minimum safe operating camera height off the road surface is 12”.
  • Fulcrum sits 8’ off the ground.
  • Maximum lens height is 14’, armed 90° to either side of the Chase Car’s chassis(standard Length)
  • With Extension max Lens Height is 20′ armed 90° to either side of the Chase Car’s chassis
  • With an 18 mm lens a full frame top shot can be achieved.
  • Stabilization tail fin allows the Russian Arm to pan side to side, back and forth at high speeds.
  • Operating Tilt angle ±45°.
  • Speed 6 sec / 360°.
  • Max camera payload capacity 68 kg/150lbs (tested with 3d rigs and Array systems)
  • Weight 300 kg (Arm, FH, Single Camera(non 3d or array), Counter Weights).
  • Set-up Time on ML55 Chase Car: 1.15 hours (including camera prep).
  • The system is fully controlled from within a car and is capable of operating at speeds up to 180 km/hr.
  • Brooklyn Bridge Certified. Our Toronto bases System has been specially re-engineered to meet the standards & regulations of the Brooklyn Bridge Engineers (NYC) for weight and height (9′) to enable filming with a camera car system on the bridge.

Flight Head VI & Flight Head XL(3D or Array)

  • 3 Axis Gyro-Stabilized Head
  • True Gyro Auto Horizon
  • Pan axis travels through 360° with back-pan compensation.
  • Roll axis travels through 270° with auto horizon.
  • Tilt Axis travels through 200°.
  • Preston FIZ plugs into head console to give Zoom control on the left joy stick.
  • The FHVI is operated via joystick or hand wheels.

History of the U-CRANE

  • Designed in Kiev, Ukraine in 1982 by Cinema Engineer Anatoliy Kokush, Yuriy Popovsky and Director of Photography Oleksiy Zolotarov.
  • In 1996 Filmotechnic introduced the U-CRANE Arm to Hollywood, CA.
  • The official name for the system was Auto-Robot Crane or RoboArm. It soon was nick-named ‘Russian Arm’ when it first appeared in Hollywood in 1996. We have now renamed the system to U-CRANE in honor of country of origin.
  • The U-CRANE quickly became a preferred tool for shooting Car Commercials, Feature Films, and Music Videos.
  • The system is still built by a factory in Ukraine
  • Noteable Jobs: Transformers, War of the Worlds, Suicide Squad, Total Recall, The Boys, Shazam, X-Men

Executing Any Shot Is A Team Effort

  • The director gives cues to everyone on the Comm. system.
  • Precision driver controls moving vehicle position & speed.
  • The crane operator positions the arm.
  • The camera operator frames the shot.
  • The focus puller keeps it sharp.



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