Telescopic U-CRANE

Telescopic U-CRANE is the latest version of the world famous mobile crane on a tracking vehicle developed in Ukraine by Filmotechnic. The Arm now telescopes from 13.5 feet to 19 feet and provides additional freedom when creating dynamic shots. Filmotechnic is the only company offering a U-CRANE System with a telescoping ability.

  • Arm Telescoping Range 13 feet – 19 Feet
  • Carbon Fiber Arm
  • Combined with Flight Head Apex provides a very stable image up to 200mm
  • 2 Axis Stabilized Arm (tilt and pan)

Telescopic U-CRANE Specifications

  • Payload 58kg/130 lbs
  • Extension 13′-19′ (3.9m – 5.8m)
  • Extension Speed 3 feet per second
  • Max Height – 20 feet (6m)
  • Tilt Angle +/- 45
  • Pan Angle 360
  • Speed – Full 360 Rotation in 4 seconds
  • Vehicle speed up to 180 km/h
  • Gyro Stabilized Tilt and Pan on the Arm
  • 3 Axis Stabilization on the Remote Head (Flight Head APEX)
  • 6 way adjustable linear vibration shock absorber
  • 2 axis adjustable angular isolator dampener
  • Carbon Fiber Arm
  • Angle Read Outs
  • Can be mounted on various moving platforms

Power Requirements

  • The Arm and Flight Head are powered by 48 V DC Power
  • Battery pack supplied by Filmotechnic Canada
  • Battery Block for the camera can be installed inside the car (12v or 24v)


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