Vibra Box / Pan Bar


  • The Vibra Box (VB) contains similar gyros the Flight Head and Russian Arm employ.
  • Allows camera to be stabilized while introducing artificial shake of the frame.
  • The degree of shake is adjustable.
  • VB is perfect for shooting dynamic chase scenes where the perfectly smooth car commercial look is undesirable.
  • Attached to a fluid head the VB also acts as a pan bar with pan and tilt.
  • Attached to a helmet the VB becomes a POV Simulator moving the camera as the operator’s head moves.

Modes of Operation

  • Mode 1 moves the camera according to vehicles movement on road.
  • Attached to vehicle, VB gyros will translate all detected movement into camera movement.
  • Mode 2 creates frame vibration to add dynamics to the shot.
  • Frequency Generators create artificial frame vibration along a variable amplitude frequency range.

Both Modes can work simultaneously and are fully adjustable on the fly.


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