Shock Absorber System

The Shock Absorber System is the combination of the gyro-stabilized Flight Head on the specially designed universal dampening mount.

How Shock Absorber System Works

  • The spring and strut take out the major shocks and vibration when shooting on rough terrain.
  • The gyros in the Flight Head keep the camera and the shot rock steady.
  • It is the perfect tool for high speed chases off road, on the water or in the air


  • For use only with gyro-stabilized Flight Head.
  • Dampens hi/ low frequency vibrations & high impact shocks.
  • Effective when shooting at any speed on/off road, on water, airborne.
  • Unique spring and strut design.
  • Versatile tube frame & base mounts to just about anything that moves:
  • ML 55 Chase Car, Helicopters, ATVs, Camera Cars, Boats, Snowmobiles, Planes, Trains, Trucks.
  • Set up is quick & easy, no technician required.
  • Height 1.45 m (adjustable).
  • Depth 84 cm.
  • Base 0.71×0.72 m (removable).
  • Max. Camera payload 35 kg.
  • Weight 50 kg (without Flight Head & Camera).


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