Raptor Twin Z

Raptor Twin Z is a shock absorber system designed and built by Custom Easy. It features dual shock absorbed arms and can support payloads of up to 100lbs (45kg). It is a perfect tool to pair with our Tesla Chase Car or the ML 55 AMG.

NOTE: WE ALSO RECCOMEND: Flight Head Mini as a remote head option on this shock absorber system.


  • Provides Ultra-Smooth Stabilized Shots when Shooting At Any Speed On/Off Road, On Water
  • Set-up is Quick & Easy, No Technician Required
  • Adjustment for different equipment weight
  • Install ability on the 02 tubes and quick mount by applying 4 aluminum clamps (diameter tube is 48-52 mm)
  • Interchangeable Mitchell base mounts
  • Can support underslung or over slung mounted heads
  • Perfect fit with Flight Head Mini 3, Flight Head Q1, Ronin, Movi and Shotover light weight remote heads
  • Raptor Arm is built by Custom Easy

Rental Pricing

  • Raptor Twin Z – $400.00 per day
  • Please Request a quote below if you would like to book


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