R2A Bridge Plate

Our new Ronin to Arri Bridge Plate (R2A) allows for easy and quick changes between camera platform standards. There is no more need to unscrew the DJI Ronin Plate and put on a BP9 Plate. The R2A Plate accepts a standard Ronin Plate on the top and an Arri Dovetail on the bottom, so it is easy to remove the camera off the Ronin head and slide it onto a dolly or any other Arri based platform. The R2A Plate is designed and manufactured in house at Filmotechnic Canada.


  • Standard Ronin sliding plate on the top
  • Standard Arri Dove tail on the bottom
  • 3/8 threads with Arri Pins on the sides for accessories
  • Aircraft grade 6061 Aluminum

Purchase Pricing

  • R2A plate – $650 USD


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