Preston FIZ

Filmotechnic Canada offers a 3 motor Preston FIZ Lens Control kit available for rent.

  • 3 light weight motors (focus, iris, zoom)
  • Hand Unit 3
  • compatible with Flight Head joystick for Zoom Control
  • wireless or wired


  • Lens mapping
  •  Wireless – 300m line-of-sight with 60 wireless channels
  • A-E pre-printed focus marking rings (Imperial standard, metric available)
  • Blank white focus marking ring
  • 3 light weight motors
  • 1 charger and 4 batteries
  • 2 sets of motor cables (short and long)
  • 3pin and 4 pin XLR cables for power options
  • Zoom Extension Cable

More details can be found on the manufacturers website here


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