Chase Car Decks & Roof Platform


  • With the front &/or back camera decks one can shoot faster chase/stunt sequences, corner more aggressively and achieve simultaneous multiple angles.
  • Up to 3 remote heads or 4 locked off cameras can mount to the front or back decks
  • Easy rigging for Light and Generator to light up the subject
  • The Roof Platform has 6 Mitchell mounts.
  • A total a variety of 24 camera positions are available with F/R Decks and RM.

Deck Construction & Materials

  • 2 different size decks (2’ & 2’- 6”) attach to the front &/or back of the ML55 Chase car.
  • Each deck has 3 sections (right/centre/left) all interchangeable between the 2’ & 2’-6” decks.
  • Light weight, but incredibly strong 6160 Aluminium extrusions, welded in a frame work, make up the decks.
  • CAD designed, water-jet cut Mitchell mounts bolt through the deck (9 different positions/ deck).
  • All 3/8” bolt holes have 3/4” Ø inserts welded in place.
  • Decks are power coated, all pipe painted flat black, all fittings & Mitchell mounts hard anodized black.
  • Right/Centre/Left sections are joined with a 1/2” id grid pipe that runs through the centre of the decks.

Deck Configurations

Mono Level

  • Straight couplings welded to the decks lock the pipe in place. The decks are additionally bolted together.
  • The centre pipe then serves for the 45° bracing to a cross bar which is then braced to the roof platform.
  • Minimum deck height is 6 inches.
  • Maximum front deck height in is 4’.
  • Maximum back deck height is 5’-6”.
    Multi Level
  • Any of the three sections can be set at different camera heights.
  • The same 45° bracing is used to a common cross bar braced to the roof platform.

Solo Deck

  • Any single deck can be mounted solo front or back.


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