Auto-leveling Monitor-mount System (AMS)

The FCL Auto-leveling Monitor-mount System (AMS) is a monitor leveling device that can be used on a fixed arm or a telescopic camera crane (F27/Techno/ Moviebird/ Scorpio).

As the crane tilts up or down, the AMS keeps the operator’s monitor(s) aligned in the vertical plain (setup when the crane is level).

  • The AMS can hold two monitors up to 9″ in size.
  • It mounts to the operating bar/handle on the back/side of the crane using clam-shell aluminium clamps.
  • It can be mounted on either side of the crane.
  • Monitor angles are fully adjustable with a wired remote & Ram Ball Mounts.
  • The AMS runs on the provided 36V AC/DC adapter (120/240V) which can power off of the crane base.
  • It can be powered from any 24-36V DC source.
  • The Unit (without monitors) weights approx. 10 lbs.


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