Array system

Both Flight Head VII and Flight Head XL are able to support Camera Array rigs. We have designed special plates to accept 3 camera Arrays on our remote heads.

  • 3 Axis Stabilization
  • Roll and Tilt Horizons with Programmable Angles
  • Electronic Holds on all 3 Axis
  • Adjustable Angles on the Left and Right Cameras

NOTE: Russian Arm System can take the 3 Camera Array only in Standard Length (14′)

Camera Support Options

  • Flight Head VII
  • Flight Head XL
  • Flight Head XXL
  • Tesla or ML55 Chase Cars with Shock Absorber
  • Tesla or ML55 with U-CRANE System (standard 14′ length only)

Camera Requirements

  • Red Epic, Monstro, Helium
  • Alexa Mini
  • Prime Lenses
  • Clip on Matte Boxes

***NOTE: we do not provide Camera, Lenses and Sync solutions. We only have Specially Designed Remote Heads to accept the Camera Array Rigs and the means to do tracking plates with U-CRANE of Shock Absorber System***


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