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Russian Arm 19′ Extension

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Filmotechnic Canada Ltd. is very proud to bring you the Sci-Tech Academy Award Winning, Russian Arm 19 Extension.

What is the Russian Arm 19 Extension?

The Russian Arm Extension is an additional 5′ of arm that manually telescopes out from the 14′ regular length arm to form a full 19′ reach.

Like the standard reach RA it is safely operated via joystick consoles from within the ML55 Chase Car.

A high speed mobile crane arm used for photographing moving vehicles from just about any & every angle you want in all weather conditions. Shots are setup on the fly & adjusted instantly. Sequences can be as dynamic as your imagination.

Where is the Russian Arm Extension based?

All of our 4 Russian Arms in Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago and Orlando have the built in extension that that we manufacture at our machine shop in Toronto.

What Can You Mount the Russian Arm 19 Extension To?

  • Its principal mobile base is the ML55 Chase Car
  • The RA can be mounted to any picture vehicle that can support its 390kg weight:
  • Boats, Trains, Trucks, Buses, Camera Cars, Picture Vehicles.

RA 19 Extension Features

  • The RA with a 19′ extended reach now achieves a 19′-6″ lens height armed off to the side of the ML55 Chase Car.
  • Pan & Tilt axes are gyro-stabilized.
  • 360° panning capability around the ML55 or picture vehicle.
  • Minimum safe operating camera height off the road surface is 12”.
  • Fulcrum sits 8’ off the ground.
  • Stabilization tail fin allows the Russian Arm to pan side to side, back and forth at high speeds.
  • Operating Tilt angle ±45°.
  • Speed 6 sec / 360°.
  • Max camera payload capacity 25 kg.
  • Weight 390 kg (RA, FH, Camera, Counter Weights).
  • 30 min Set-up Time: changing from Standard to Extended 19 (including camera).
  • The RA is fully controlled from within a car and is capable of operating at speeds up to 170 km/hr.


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