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FCL Auto-leveling Monitor-mount System (AMS)

The FCL Auto-leveling Monitor-mount System (AMS) is a camera crane operator’s monitor levelling device.

It is used by fixed arm & telescopic camera crane (Techno/ Moviebird/ Scorpio) operators.

As the crane tilts up or down, the AMS keeps the operator’s monitor(s) aligned in the vertical plain (setup when the crane is level).

The AMS can hold two monitors up to 9″ in size.

It mounts to the operating bar/handle on the back/side of the crane using clamshell aluminium clamps.

It can be mounted on either side of the crane.

Monitor angles are fully adjustable with a wired remote & Ram Ball Mounts.

The AMS runs on the provided 36V AC/DC adapter (120/240V) which can power off of the crane base.

It can be powered from any 24-36V DC source.

The Unit (without monitors) weights approx. 10 lbs.


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