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3D Russian Arm & Flight Head V

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Russian Arm Goes 3D with Element Technica’s Quasar 3D Rig

  • In May 2010 we shot a BMW X3* mood film in Vancouver BC.
  • We shot 2D & 3D versions using our two Russian Arm Systems.

With the cooperation of Bill White and the 3D Camera Company we designed a special mounting system to marry our Flight Head V to ET’s Quasar 3D Rig. We reduced the Quasar’s size & weight by 5 kg by removing the bottom mounting cage. The Quasar’s motor plate bolts right to the FHV’s tilt axis on both sides giving it greater rigidity & strength. The Quasar becomes part of the FHV resulting in amazingly stable 3D images.

Sony F23s cameras with matched zooms and primes with a Preston FIZ were used on the Quasar. There was plenty of clearance for the mirror box and to zero the cameras. We designed an adjustable counter weight system to balance the Quasar, as it is front heavy with the beam splitter so far forward. The FHV took the 140 lb payload no problem, no noise from the gyros and achieved perfect stabilization.

The Russian Arm took the 200 lb payload with no problems  and the 3D images of the BMW X3 were amazing and beyond expectation.

Shooting Environments

We shot in a variety of conditions: rain/ snow, off road in dusty sand dunes, through rain towers down town Vancouver and at speed on mountain roads in the BC interior. In all the shoot was deemed a great success.

  • Flight Head Specs with Quasar 3D Rig
  • 3 Axis Gyro-Stabilized.
  • Back-pan compensation.
  • Rotary Oil Damper Leveling System.
  • Long Range RF Wireless capability.
  • Digital Auto Horizon always keeps camera level even in hi G turns.
  • The FHV is operated via joystick or hand wheels.


  • Zoom and Focus on Joystick control for Broadcast Cameras.
  • Payload capacity up to 63 kg/ 140 lbs.
  • Wide range of camera packages: Arri Alexa, Sony F23, F35, Red One, SI2K.
  • Total Head weight with ET Quasar 3D Rig: 90 kg/ 200 lbs. Ok for 50’ Techno Crane.
  • Pan axis travels through 360° with back-pan compensation.
  • Roll axis travels through 270° with auto horizon.
  • Tilt Axis travels through 200°.
  • Pan Speed, Roll Speed, Tilt Speed 160 °/sec.
  • Preston FIZ plugs into head console to give Zoom control on the left joy stick.
  • Light Weight only 24 kg.
  • Temperature range from -40 °C up to +40 °С.
  • Mounts to standard Mitchell base.

* We are not allowed to show the X3 for security reasons.


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